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Pat Carbonneau



As a retired psychologist living in Ottawa I have been involved with art in various ways for many years. In University I took almost all my options in the Department of Fine Arts. Here I learned a great deal about the history of art and art theories, but no actual painting. Since then however, I have taken several painting courses and workshops.

Over the years I have experimented with oils, acrylics, sumi-e brush painting, watercolor, collage and gyotako,(the art of painting with real fish). Today I work mainly with mixed media, encaustics, and collage in a contemporary or abstract style.

There are definitely strong links between my work as a psychologist, my approach as a therapist, and my art work. For me all deal with an inner experience. Subjects, either brought up in the therapy sessions, or appearing in my art work, reflect for me this inner experience,. These, often unconscious energies, point to issues that are usually both personal and universal. I am not always certain why I choose a certain subject, or colour, but believe that there is a connection with my inner world that is coming into creation.

Old Chelsea Art Gallery, Old Chelsea Quebec 2001
The National Collage Society, (Juried Exhibit) 2002
Hollyhock Gallery Manotick Ontario 2003
Manotick Art Association 2005, 2006
Kidney Foundation Fine art Show, (Juried Exhibit) 2007
Art in the Park 2009,
The New Art Festival 2010
Ottawa Art Expo 2010