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Elisabeth Arbuckle




Elisabeth is a visual artist working mainly with mixed media and acrylics, as she explores different themes and topics.

She enjoys finding the rhythms and patterns in life and the connectivity of all elements through nature. Elisabeth often returns to her love of natural objects as she explores the complexity of self-image through faces and masks, “ I am fascinated with the way we present ourselves to the world, at different times, in different scenarios and the masks we wear”.

Elisabeth was born in Wales and studied art in both Wales and England before starting her teaching career that lasted for more than thirty years, taking her to the Bahamas and eventually Canada.

As an art teacher, working with students for many years, seeing their enjoyment of new experiences and challenges, stimulated the same desire for experimentation in her own art practice.

Involvement in the arts has been a constant factor in her life. Balancing the time between a busy career and family commitments has always been a challenge, however retirement is the newest phase in her life and with it comes the opportunity to work as a full time artist, to continue to learn and enjoy.